Translation of the runes

Y Llyfr Mapiau (The Atlas)

Gyfrwng mynediad ir byd (The Gateway to the World)

Y ddraig goch a ddyry gychwyn (The Red Dragon will show the way)

Y ddraig goch a ddyry gychwyn
The red dragon will show the way
Le dragon rouge montrera la manière
Der rote drachen zeight den weg

Welcome to The Atlas
The Gateway to the World

The key to Immortality for the Healthy
The key to Life for the Terminal
The key to Riches for the Poor
The key to Happiness for the Rich
The key to Power for the Weak
The key to Wisdom for the Powerful and
The key to Love for the Hated

On these pages is the guidance to achieve
your dearest wish. The choice is yours
but what shall you choose
Immortality health happiness wealth
power wisdom or love
At the end of your quest there is only
one choice - the Elixir will be
what you most desire.
Once your decision is made
and your one desire is achieved
your time with The Atlas is over.
It must be passed on.

One Person
One Gift
One Choice

In your quest for the Elixir
you will be assisted
by certain powers and abilities.
They are yours to discover
and to use wisely.
They are also yours to keep.
You will not lose them
on acquiring the Elixir.
Solve the riddles,
hold the Red Dragon,
tell him the answer,
travel through the Atlas,
and defeat the beasts who guard
the ingredients for the Elixir.
Take with you your courage,
your strength, and your wisdom.
You will need all three.
Be warned – to fail in your attempts
will result in your death,
for all the beasts are hungry
as well as dangerous.
Good luck.

200 million years ago
my ancestors ruled the earth
five stories tall in height they were
a story wide in girth
65 million years ago
when comets fell to the ground
nowhere could my ancestors run
pain and death all around
Now while all think my kind extinct
in this land we have remained
hidden quite well from human eyes
in lochs we are contained

A ship was sunk long years ago
by something quite cold and white
on her maiden voyage due west
she stopped here what a sight.
In this town of many colours
there’s a beacon by the sea
some beasts do live in caves nearby
from whom you should just flee.
But you must needs control these beasts
to claim the potion you seek
to stop these beasts from killing you
you have to make them weak.